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County coroner employees will get you cheated.

Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.


Los Angeles crime scene cleanup services by Eddie Evans has a 24/7/365 telephone number for questions; it's toll-free. Please do not hesitate to call for homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, or unattended death cleanup information. You may ask whatever questions apply to your situation. Expect answers from me, Eddie Evans, because I answer my own crime scene cleanup company telephone about 95 percent of the time. My wife answers the other 5 percent of the time. When I do not answer it's because I can not reach my telephone quickly enough, but I will return your call promptly. Those times that I do not make a quick reply occur because I'm on a mountain, in ravine, or passing power lines.

If you care to make an appointment for my cleaning services, we can come to terms on the telephone, sight unseen. How do I do this when so many other Los Angeles crime scene cleaning companies insist on seeing the death scene and then jack up cleaning fees? I do it by figuring that for $1,000 or less I can make a profit. I profit because I am my cleaning company.

I do blood cleanup work and sometimes I may take two days doing so, but I usually make a decent profit. Sometimes callers error when describing a crime scene or other type of biohazard scene; I understand how this happens, considering the emotional turmoil they experience. I can still profit when descriptions understate a death scene. I do ask that callers give me as accurate information that they can muster during these traumatic times of their lives. I will do my best to clean well and honor their cleaning needs.

My work is guaranteed. This means that I will promptly return and make right what should have been correct to begin, but I rarely need to do so and have done so twice in 14 years; once a client mistook mold behind a curtain as blood and another time I missed blood on the footrest of a pew. In this case no one called; I found the blood on my second day when I thought to double check for such an occurrence. This happened in Los Angeles County, not San Diego County.


Los Angeles's crime scene cleanup needs met 24/7/365 by a self-employed crime scene cleanup practitioner, Eddie Evans me. Homicide, suicide, unattended death, traumatic injuries cleaned for a reasonable price. Insurance policies often apply, and when they do not, feel certain you receive a very competitive price. Los Angeles residents can expect the best price from Eddie Evans.

Biohazard cleanup by Eddie Evans ensures you receive a full return guarantee upon request. Added value for carpet, carpet padding, and other items removed as part of your service guarantee for added-value.

San Diego's residents and business owners suffering from a violent crime scene incident choose Eddie Evans for his price, guarantee, and over 11 years of cleaning biohazard environments. Besides, he has military trauma cleanup experience. With hundreds of death scene cleanup tasks completed, you will find what you need in his Biosafe business.

"Is it safe to enter?" becomes the big question for Los Angeles residents. Some people are less tolerant of noxious odors, traumatic injury scenes, and various blood related cleaning problems. If so, stay out. If not so, turn on a light. If possible, toss a blanket, sheet, towels, or clothing over the death scene. Wet, moist, and flaky dried blood cleanup can result in a biohazard contamination. With care and caution, to answer my own question, most often it is safe to enter a Los Angeles crime scene for cleaning purposes. It's a matter of choosing this experience as something that you want or do not want to add to your life experiences. Caution must prevail, in any case.

Professional death cleanup technicians receive training and a lot of experience decontaminating crime scenes. Eddie re-cleans to ensure a thorough crime scene cleanup occurs. He decontaminates from beginning to end of his cleaning process. In this way he ensures your property becomes habitable. Los Angeles crime scene cleanup by a professional like Eddie Evans does make a difference.

Call Eddie at any hour, any day of the week when it is time to cleanup after a violent crime scene, violent suicide, unattended death, decomposition, or other blood release incident.

Bloodborne Pathogen Certification

The Occupational and Safety Administration requires employers to use bloodborne pathogen trained employees for blood cleanup. Any workers who might somehow come into contact with blood must receive certification. Certification may be received from the American Red Cross or by a google, Bing, Yahoo! search: bloodborne pathogen training.


Blood Cleanup

Anyone intending to risk a large blood cleanup task in San Diego needs to follow universal precautions. Universal precautions means all blood must be considered as biohazard contaminated. This means that all blood contain viruses for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency), hepatitis C, and other blood related germs. I do crime scene cleanup work by disinfecting from beginning to the end of my blood cleanup work.

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Blood Cleanup Tools

  • Goggles
  • Nose and mouth mask
  • Long rubber gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Washable towels
  • Extension poll and scrub brush
  • Peroxide
  • Bleach
  • Cleaning Solution

Disinfecting before, during, and after blood cleanup with a 1:10 parts bleach to water solution helps kill germs. The Center for Disease Control recommends this solution for disinfecting non-porous surfaces contaminated by blood. I prefer using a much strong bleach to water solution.

Blood cleanup from afar makes good sense. An extension poll with a scrub brush attached ensures safety for agitating blood and solutions. Adding paper towels before blood cleanup begins helps to avoid splashing blood.

Placing paper towels on top of dried, flaky blood helps keep blood down. Airborne blood becomes a biohazard. So paper towels lightly soaked protect cleaners if applied correctly.

Agitating a large quantity of dried, wet, or moist blood calls for experience. The inexperienced clean must avoid such tasks. Begin with small areas working up to larger areas as practice leads to proficiency. Stay away from blood. Use tools to move blood soaked objects whenever possible.

Even though cleaners wear protective clothing and equipment, using pliers to pickup broken glass, sharp instruments, or blood soiled fabrics adds distanceDistance means safety in blood cleanup.


Local Government Cronyism

As a result of cronyism practiced by Orange County coroner employees, I maintain a number of public education web sites. Fraud against Orange County Consumers finds articulation on my Crime Scene Cleanup Fraud pages. I work for consumer awareness In Orange County, California and other places. Many web pages I've created help to alert those in need of Blood cleanup services. Among my more recent pages I've included a link for Orange County Fraud. This page should help overcome cronyism in Orange County.


My Prices

My San Diego prices usually remain below $1000 for homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, and unattended death cleanup. Decomposition. Rarely will I ask for more than $1000. Whenever I do ask for more money. It's before work begins. It is because a shotgun suicide has occurred and as we agreed an email I price would not exceed $1800 for a shotgun suicide. This means my price remains of the same, even if I must remove part of a floor, part of a wall, part of a ceiling, and furnishings as well. All costs, all labor, and unforeseen cleaning materials are covered by my flat feet. We agreed to this and riding by email. So you can trust that I have a price guarantee as well as a crime scene cleanup work guarantee.

I give a description of what my work will entail. If there's a need for demolition work, the demolition work comes with the quoted price; materials removed are also covered by my not to exceed price. I'm not aware of any other San Diego crime scene cleanup service making this type of guaranteed price offer.

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My Services


  • Expect me to remove all biohazardous materials and include their removal in my guaranteed price.
  • Expect me to remove all solid waste that may have been considered biohazardous material, which I altered by cleaning or applying bleach.
  • Expect me to scrub and rinse repeatedly before and after I disinfect the area.
  • Expect me to sanitize with bleach and water, and even Pine-Sol.
  • Expect me to seal the wants blood soiled floor.
  • Expect the use of ozone to help reduce death and blood odors.
  • Expect me to use a fogger with flogged peroxide to create a cloud for sanitizing and highlighting blood splatter.


Biohazard Removal

Every crime scene cleanup business must remove wet blood, moist blood, crime, flaky blood, or mixtures of all three. We refer to these blood conditions as "biohazards" because they pose a risk to human beings. The Center for Disease Control and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration includes these three blood states as infectious materials, biohazards. Infectious materials like blood heavily soil furnishings like couches and armchairs, mattresses, and even carpet and carpet padding. We must use great care to disinfect these materials. We separate them from solid waste, non-infectious materials.

We call "solid waste" that part of furniture left unsoiled by blood and other potentially infectious materials. It's the same with clothing; although one shoe remains unsoiled and the other soiled, they both become solid waste once the soiled shoe no longer presents a biohazard risk to folks due to receive these solid waste materials.

Not all biohazard soiled materials receive cleaning. In fact, much of my work entails demolition. I demolish furniture, mattresses, and carpet. In short, I make decisions and I destroy. Sometimes I save materials that responsible

Part of a biohazard cleanup job requires dissecting biohazard waste from those materials known as solid waste. Solid waste remains uncontaminated by blood and other potentially infectious materials, although it may contain a heavy concentration of blood and death fragrances. If for some reason a cleaner wishes to seal over these odors, or place these materials permeated by odors, then large black bags will do the trick.

Large objects like couches and mattresses breed of their death scene contents, can most often go into a landfill. Just as any other objects might go into a landfill. Items soaked with blood or dried blood should not go into a landfill. Unless a landfill has a special process for handling biohazard materials. Some landfills set a side a special time of week for handling "hard to handle materials," and other noxious, but non-hazardous materials.

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Los Angeles Sewage

Sewage hosts hundreds of billions of bacteria and even some viruses. A sanitary sewer leads from urban and suburban homes and businesses to a San Diego County sewage treatment center. Each building has drains to our main sewer lines throughout San Diego County. Our toilets, our bathtub drains, and even our kitchen sinks are known as sanitary sewers. It is here that I place blood and recommend families and businesses do this same whenever the need arises. There are no better places to disposal blood. Then, in a sanitary sewer. The billions of bacteria within our sanitary sewer lines destroyed blood-borne pathogens almost immediately.

Another important result of disposing of blood in the sanitary sewer is its cost effectiveness. Then there is the public safety matter. By disposing of biohazardous materials down the sanitary sewer. We do not need to take these infectious materials upon public streets. In this way are sanitary sewers help serve the public health when it comes to crime scene cleanup and other types of biohazard cleanup.

Title 40: Protection of Environment

"No evidence indicates that bloodborne diseases have been transmitted from contact with raw or treated sewage. Many bloodborne pathogens, particularly bloodborne viruses, are not stable in the environment for long periods of time"


Questions for Crime Scene Cleanup Callers

  1. Which city did this event occur?
  2. Which room did this event occur or what rooms were soiled?
  3. How many days did the decedent remain before removal?
  4. What caused blood loss, knife, gun, shotgun, overdose, natural death?
  5. What pieces of furniture were soiled if any?
  6. What size mattress became soiled if any?
  7. How would you like to pay? Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, American Express, other? If by check, is your bank located outside of San Diego County?
  8. Who do you represent, a family or a San Diego business?
  9. Who will be the responsible party, the person with legal power to allow me to clean and the one paying?
  10. Are you calling from out of state or outside of San Diego County?
  11. Can you tell me how your found me? Was it by searching for San Diego crime scene cleanup or eddie evans?





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